Strata Property Insurance Valuations Sydney

Strata Properties

Being experts in insurance valuations, one of our most common requests is to undertake strata insurance valuations. Strata property types include units, studios, serviced apartments, villas, townhouses, factories, and industrial premises. We will request a copy of your strata plan to ensure all accurate measurements are taken into consideration in all our insurance calculations. At Safeguard Insurance Valuation Specialists, we take pride in keeping up to date with changing building costs and ensure our clients are always receiving the very best advice when it comes to insuring their most valuable asset.

Prestige Property Insurance Valuations Sydney

Prestige Properties

At Safeguard Insurance Valuation Specialists, we take great pride ensuring that everyday Australians are being looked after when it comes to their homes and having adequate insurance cover. We are able to accurately calculate replacement insurance cover for your home and note that appropriate due diligence will always take place. Prestige properties are quite often unique with high end construction costs, luxury fittings and fixtures throughout the home as well as outdoor areas including swimming pools, cabana areas and expansive landscaping. Safeguard Insurance Valuation Specialists will take into consideration like for like when it comes to replacement costs, as we ensure our clients have total peace of mind when we determine adequate replacement cover.

Childcare Centre Insurance Valuations Sydney

Childcare Centres

At Safeguard Insurance Valuation Specialists, we undertake the more comprehensive insurance valuations including childcare centres and nursing homes, to ensure adequate replacement cover is held by the owners or body corporates. At Safeguard Insurance Valuation Specialists, we take into consideration the overall quality of the childcare centre or nursing home, noting that these properties have numerous kitchen and bathroom amenities and are highly landscaped to ensure adequate outdoor entertaining areas for children and the elderly alike. All individual property attributes will be given fair consideration in our replacement insurance calculations, ensuring peace of mind that you have adequate insurance replacement cover.

Government Owned Properties Insurance Valuations Sydney

Government owned Properties

Safeguard Insurance Valuation Specialists offers insurance valuation advice to both Local and State Government owned properties which include educational premises, libraries, building societies, council chambers, post offices and all commercial premises. Safeguard Insurance Valuation Specialists will conduct a detailed on-site inspection, followed by comprehensive due diligence to determine an adequate replacement insurance cover.

Factories and warehouse Insurance Valuations Sydney

Factories Warehouses Industrial​

Safeguard Insurance Valuation Specialists can undertake insurance valuations on property types including factories and industrial properties. We will undertake a detailed on-site inspection to comprehensively note all building improvements, followed by a detailed insurance valuation report in a timely manner. At Safeguard Insurance Valuation Specialists, we strive for excellence in providing the very best advice to all our clients, to inevitable ensure complete peace of mind of having adequate insurance replacement cover.

Shopping Centres Insurance Valuations Sydney

Shopping Centres

At Safeguard Insurance Valuation Specialist, our skilled valuers can comprehensively and precisely determine replacement cover for large scale commercial shopping centres. These are often difficult and time consuming assignments, however careful consideration needs to be taken to ensure our clients receive the very best advice. These types of valuations are complex and detailed as they often require detailed on-site inspections, as well as reviewing multiple strata plans and architectural drawings to satisfy due diligence.

Service Stations Insurance Valuations Sydney

Service Stations

At Safeguard Insurance Valuation Specialists, we can comprehensively undertake insurance valuations on Service Stations. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience to determine fair market replacement costs to ensure you are adequately covered offering complete peace of mind. Our valued clients receive market leading advice on this asset type. Careful considerations and due diligence are undertaken to ensure you are always adequately covered.

Agriculture Business Insurance Valuations Sydney


Safeguard Insurance Valuation Specialists welcomes the opportunity to undertake agribusiness insurance valuations.  A full detailed inspection of the property will take place and we will document all the different improvements including the main dwelling/homestead, all outbuildings, fencing, hard stand areas, machinery sheds sheep and cattle yards and other outbuildings. It is important that all improvements on the property are given full consideration within our report, as we give peace of mind to our clients that total accuracy and due-diligence are completed on all our insurance valuation assignments.